Hippocampal Neuronal Morphology

last update: Wed Jan 19 18:31:53 2000
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cell details swc file notes


ca1 pyramidal cell in vivo young

n400 n400.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n401 n401.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n402 n402.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n403 n403.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n404 n404.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n405 n405.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n406 n406.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n407 n407.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n408 n408.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n409 n409.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n410 n410.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n411 n411.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n412 n412.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n413 n413.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n414 n414.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n415 n415.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n416 n416.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n417 n417.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n418 n418.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n419 n419.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n420 n420.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n421 n421.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n422 n422.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n423 n423.swc turner_p_ca1.txt

ca1 pyramidal cell in vitro aged

n170 n170.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n171 n171.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n172 n172.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n173 n173.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n174 n174.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n175 n175.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n176 n176.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n177 n177.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n178 n178.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n179 n179.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n180 n180.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n181 n181.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n182 n182.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n183 n183.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n184 n184.swc turner_p_ca1.txt

ca1 pyramidal cell in vitro ka lesion

n140 n140.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n141 n141.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n142 n142.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n143 n143.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n144 n144.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n145 n145.swc turner_p_ca1.txt

ca1 pyramidal cell in vitro young

n120 n120.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n121 n121.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n122 n122.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n123 n123.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n125 n125.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n126 n126.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n127 n127.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n128 n128.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n129 n129.swc turner_p_ca1.txt
n130 n130.swc turner_p_ca1.txt


dg granule cell in vitro ec lesion

n240 n240.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n241 n241.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n242 n242.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n243 n243.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n244 n244.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n245 n245.swc turner_g_dg.txt

dg granule cell in vivo young

n500 n500.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n501 n501.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n502 n502.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n503 n503.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n504 n504.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n505 n505.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n506 n506.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n507 n507.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n508 n508.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n509 n509.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n510 n510.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n511 n511.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n512 n512.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n513 n513.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n514 n514.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n515 n515.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n516 n516.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n517 n517.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n518 n518.swc turner_g_dg.txt

dg granule cell in vitro aged

n270 n270.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n271 n271.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n272 n272.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n273 n273.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n274 n274.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n275 n275.swc turner_g_dg.txt

dg granule cell in vitro young

n220 n220.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n221 n221.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n222 n222.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n223 n223.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n224 n224.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n225 n225.swc turner_g_dg.txt
n226 n226.swc turner_g_dg.txt

tml dg interneuron in vitro young

n257 n257.swc turner_i_dg.txt
n258 n258.swc turner_i_dg.txt
n259 n259.swc turner_i_dg.txt
n260 n260.swc turner_i_dg.txt
n261 n261.swc turner_i_dg.txt
n262 n262.swc turner_i_dg.txt

iml dg interneuron in vitro young

n253 n253.swc turner_i_dg.txt
n254 n254.swc turner_i_dg.txt
n255 n255.swc turner_i_dg.txt
n256 n256.swc turner_i_dg.txt

oml dg interneuron in vitro young

n251 n251.swc turner_i_dg.txt
n252 n252.swc turner_i_dg.txt

gcl dg interneuron in vitro young

n250 n250.swc turner_i_dg.txt


ca3c pyramidal cell in vivo young

l16 l16.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l22 l22.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l71 l71.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l82 l82.swc turner_p_ca3.txt

p/v ca3 pyramidal cell in vivo young

l48b l48b.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l56b l56b.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l60a l60a.swc turner_p_ca3.txt

ca3b pyramidal cell in vivo young

l18 l18.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l24b l24b.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l51 l51.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l55 l55.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l56a l56a.swc turner_p_ca3.txt

ca3a pyramidal cell in vivo young

l10 l10.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l48a l48a.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l60b l60b.swc turner_p_ca3.txt
l64 l64.swc turner_p_ca3.txt

zone 3 hilar cell in vivo young

l24a l24a.swc turner_p_ca3.txt

ca2 pyramidal cell in vivo young

l69 l69.swc turner_p_ca3.txt